This document lists all talks presented at Big Data Malaysia meetups, and will be continuously updated. The purpose of specifying the technologies mentioned in each talk is to demonstrate that our content is relevant but also vendor-neutral and broad-based.

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  • “Deep Learning The World”, September 2016, Big Data Week Asia, sponsored by Cloudera
    • Emceed by Chin-Fah Heoh
    • Amr Awadallah, Founder & CTO, Cloudera
    • Poo Kuan Hoong, Senior Lecturer, Multimedia University
    • Ettikan Karuppiah, Director, Developers Ecosystem, Nvidia Singapore


  • “IoT & Big Data: Smart cities, connected Things & data lakes”, August 2016, sponsored by Teradata and hosted at Hilton KL
    • Emceed by Chin-Fah Heoh
    • Stephen Brobst, CTO, Teradata ‘Don’t Let The Things Swamp your Lake’
    • Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of REDtone IOT, ‘Empowering Citizens to Sense and Make Better Cities’
    • Saiful Jumaat Osman, CEO FOCUS Technology Network


    • “Data Science in Penang”, May 2016, sponsored by iTrain  and hosted at @CAT – Accelerator for Creative Analytics Technology
      • Emceed by Daniel Walters, CIO, Seek Asia
      • Dr. Lau Cher Han – “Understanding Data Science and Why It’s so Important to your Business”
      • Wei Jian, MY & Flavien from Piktochart
      • Ch’ng Yoke Khai and Tan Wei Han, Senior Software Engineers, SEEK Asia.


    • “Hadoop at 10 Years with Doug Cutting, Founder of Hadoop”,  13 April 2016, sponsored by Cloudera and hosted at Le Meridien, KL Sentral
      • Emcee: Daniel Walters, CIO, SEEK Asia (Jobstreet & JobsDB)
      • ‘Hadoop at 10’: Doug Cutting, Chief Architect, Cloudera
      • Thillai Raj T. Ramanathan, CTO, MIMOS Berhad
      • ‘Forth, Big Data! Sentient Enterprise and Analytics Ecosystem’: Szilard Barany, Principal Technology Consultant, Teradata


  • Analytics Bootcamp”, 8-9 April 2016, hosted by iGEN, supported by DataViz My and hosted at Impact Hub, KL Sentul

    Keynote Speakers:

    • Syed Ahmad Fuqaha, CEO, KATSANA
    • Canny Lam, Digital Analytics Specialist, Maxis
    • Dr. Yap Poh Hean, Manager, Accenture
    • Lim Chee How, Founder, Tapway
    • Derek Ooi, Senior Analytics Specialist, Mindvalley
    • Salim Khubchandani, MD, On-Target Marketing Solutions
    • Dominic Wee, Regional Manager, Mulesoft
    • Justin Randal, CTO, iGEN


  • The Art and Science of Predictive Analytics”, 17 November 2015, sponsored by iGEN, Teradata and hosted at The Co., Bangsar.
    • Emceed by Szilard Barany from Teradata
    • Jaden Teo (
      • RapidMiner” – On the topic of Advanced Analytics, which is currently the centerpiece of Big Data: how we move from descriptive to predictive and finally be prescriptive with data analysis.
    • Hema Latha Krishna Nair (Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation)
      • The education perspective” – Provided an educational overview of predictive approaches and metrics in Big Data, that might be useful for modelling real-world scenarios.
    • Fabian Chan (SEEK Asia)
      • Failures and successes in predictive analytics” – His journey in predictive analytics; starting from weather, to hospitals, to academics, to flight schedules and now, the jobs market.
  • Big Data Week — Analysis at the Speed of Thought: Big Data Malaysia’s official Big Data Week event; 23 April 2015, supported by Nintex Software and iGEN, hosted at Nintex Software, KL Sentral.
    • Emceed by Daniel Walters
    • Special Guest: Akmal Chaudri (Independent Big Data Consultant, UK) – VoltDB
      • Akmal discussed high-speed real-time analytics platform capable of per-event analytics and decisions against high velocity data sources, such as log, IoT, and M2M data feeds.
    • Fartash Haghani (PyCademy, Mindvalley) – ElasticSearch
      • Fartash provided a technical run through of Elasticsearch from how to setup, get data in and to query directly and also using the Kibana user interface.
    • Cheemun Foong (MoneyLion) and team – ElasticSearch @ MoneyLion
      • Cheemun and his team gave a presentation on how Moneylion decided to use Elasticsearch. He shared some of the challenges Moneylion has overcome to make Elasticsearch and Kibana useful across their organisation.
  • “Visual analytics: the new language of business intelligence”, 26 March 2015, sponsored by iGEN, Tableau and hosted by Art Printing Works, Bangsar.
    • Emceed by Daniel Walters
    • Suhendra Tandera, APAC Product Consultant, Tableau:
      • Presentation on gaining value from big data to answer everyday business questions through data visualisation.
    • Alman Z. Alwi, CEO, iGEN:
      • Presentation on data preparation and processing tools for data visualisation.
  • “The Sounds of Data Science”, 5th November 2014, sponsored by Experian, Teradata, Marklar Marklar and hosted by Mindvalley in Bangsar.
    • Emceed by Daniel Walters
    • Tan Yaw, Senior Data Scientist, Pivotal:
      • Examination of key data science analysis techniques and the tools and technology which facilitates them.
    • Chew Kai Feng, CEO, Croakun:
      • An allegorical explanation of Machine Learning by comparing with the learning process an infant might go through to allow the layperson to understand the approaches of machine learning in a less technical way.
    • Phoebe Kim and Edwin Law, Analytics team, GrabTaxi:
      • Tracking the evolution of analytics at Grab Taxi, the potential of the data they are collecting and where they are heading.
  • Open Data: Pathways for Applying Big Data for Public Service”: 11 August, 2014, hosted by iTrain, Kuala Lumpur.
    • Emceed by Tessa Houghton, Nottingham University.
    • Waltraut Ritter, Knowledge Dialogues:
      • Open Data developments in Asia
      • Open Data re-use goes beyond traditional e-government concepts and transactional knowledge exchanges between public sector and citizens, as it changes the way citizen, business and public agencies interact and collaborate.
        • What are the trends and developments in Open Data in Asian economies?
        • What are the opportunities to create socio-economic value from public information?
      • The talk drew upon a recent study analyzing Open Data policies in 13 countries: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea (Rep), Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
    • Khairil Yusof, Ng Swee Meng, Chow Chee Leong, Sinar Project:
      • “New Tools for Public Service” – in this presentation, Sinar Project gave an update on recent initiatives on the following topics:
        • Implementation of standards for modeling data for governance.
        • Tools for scraping data from websites.
        • Tools to simplify political boundary mapping for developers.
        • Approaches in working with large scale DNS sets.
  • Big Data Week 2014; May 6 – May 11. There were 18 separate events hosted as part of the program, each of which was organised by different partner organisations and individuals, co-ordinated by MDeC.
    • Big Data Malaysia presented a panel, “Wins and Challenges of Implementing Big Data in Malaysia” during the anchor event on May 6, 2014. Moderated by Sandra Hanchard of Big Data Malaysia, the panel consisted of:
      • Raju Chellam, Head: Big Data & Cloud, Dell Enterprise Solutions
      • Tom Hogg, Commercial Director, Effective Measure
      • Elena Tan, Analytics Manager,
      • Robin Woo, Senior IT Manager, Western Digital Corporation
    • Sandra Hanchard of Big Data Malaysia was invited to present an opening address at Taylor’s public forum, ‘‘Making Sense in Journalism through Big Data”. Tirath Ramdas of Big Data Malaysia was invited on the judging panel for F-Secure’s Hackathon.
    • Overall the 18 events included:
Event Name Organizer
Transit: Distillation BDW 2014 Opening Party VLT
Get Started with R! Strateq Revolution Analytics
Teradata-MMU-MDeC Big Data Discovery Hackathon Teradata-MMU-MDeC
Technology & Marketing: How to Collect & Analyze Data to Make Informed Business Decisions Mindvalley
Creating More Headroom for your Big Data SGI-MDeC-MIMOS
Homegrown Malaysia: Malaysia’s Contribution to Advancing Big Data MDeC-DSA
Surfing the Big Data Wave Abyres
Mining FB to Discover Yourself Sunway University
Making Sense in Journalism through Big Data Taylor’s University
UTAR Big Data Workshop: A How-To for Mining Big Data UTAR
Roundtable on Big Data Analytics with Govt. Officials MDeC-IBM
Big Data Info Retrieval and Representation in Telcos TM R&D
Large-Scale File Systems for Big Data Analytics SNIA
DSA CxO Roundtable MDeC-DSA
F-Secure Hackathon F-Secure
Create Your Own Business Analytics Apps in Just Half a Day! Qlik
BDW 2014 Closing Party: Unleashing the Power of Big Data Fusionex
  • Cents & Security”: 20th February 2014, sponsored and hosted by F-Secure, Kuala Lumpur.
    • Emceed by Szilard Barany, Teradata.
    • Foong Chee Mun, MoneyLion:
      • “Data Engineering @ MoneyLion” – Described their experiences after just over a month in production, and their plans going forward in running an automatic data-driven credit system, which is made up of NoSQL databases driving a variety of analytical models, from regression to deep learning.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: MongoDB, Neo4J, Java/Spring, Weka, R-Studio, iPython Notebook, D3.js
    • Goh Su Gim, F-Secure:
      • “The State of the Net” – Presented an overview of the information security threat landscape, including a discussion on the relatively new threat of ransomware. Provided statistics on current malware trends based on data collected through F-Secure deployments worldwide.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Bitcoin, GPUs, Cassandra
    • Pak Mei Yuet, MDeC:
      • “Big Data Week Kuala Lumpur 2014” – Provided a glimpse at the plan for Big Data Week 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, and called for participation. Also emphasized the role of Big Data in the Digital Malaysia ‘DM354’ roadmap.
  • Big Data in Telecommunications 3”: 24th September 2013, sponsored and hosted by TM R&D, Cyberjaya.
    • Emceed by Tirath Ramdas, Marklar Marklar Consulting.
    • Mohamad Ansahari Bin Abdul Kudus, Telekom Malaysia:
      • “Big Data Expectation from Network Operation Perspective” – With overarching goals of reducing OPEX and enhancing customer experience, En. Ansahari expanded on the key challenges of root cause analysis, fault prediction, and capacity planning. Describing some of their specific challenges, e.g. correlating end-to-end network performance with customer experience/feedback, plus real-time and historical service assurance analysis, En. Ansahari also provided an overview of what their network looks like, with some key components that would be integral to any Big Data initiative in network operations.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: dVine, InfoVista, Arbor, Sandvine
    • Szilard Barany, Teradata:
      • “Telecommunications Use Cases” – Presented Teradata’s overall Unified architecture, which combines Teradata DW with Hadoop through a data integration layer. Expanded on path analysis and visualization capabilities, with use cases in churn analysis, customer journey analysis, infrastructure abuse, and many others.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Teradata, Aster, Hadoop
    • Rosmawati Binti Ab Raub, Telekom Malaysia Research & Development:
      • “Big Data Analytics” – Provided a recap of the possibilities of Big Data in telecommunications, around areas like uncovering hidden patterns, providing cost-effective scale, and greater analytical accuracy through more data and more data sources.
  • “Big Data Malaysia, with F-Secure”: 1st August 2013, sponsored and hosted by F-Secure, Kuala Lumpur:
    • Emceed by Ng Swee Meng, OnApp.
    • Keng Chee Chan, F-Secure:
      • Introductory remarks outlining F-Secure’s business, and their challenges in data acquisition, management, inflation, analysis, and visualization.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Couch, Hive, HBase, PostgreSQL, Spark
    • Aizu Ikmal Ahmad, Malaysiakini:
      • “ & AWS” – Described how they built the data exploration tool on top of poorly-structured data sources, as well as their architectural choices when designing the database backend for the site.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: AWS, PHP, MySQL
    • Zakiullah Khan Mohammed, Independant Software Engineering Management Consultant:
      • “Designing Big Data Solutions Using AWS” – Presented a solution architect’s perspective on how to leverage AWS for data-intensive applications. Presented an overview of key AWS components when working with data: S3, EC2, Availability Zones, VPC, EMR, CloudWatch, and Data Pipeline. Presented a live demo of building a simple Hive job. Also demonstrated how exploiting spot instances can simultaneously reduce cost and improve performance.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: AWS
  • Big Data Malaysia – Anniversary 1.0”: 30th May 2013, hosted by iTrain, Kuala Lumpur:
    • Emceed by Daniel Walters, Experian.
    • Khoo Swee Chuan, Netapp:
      • “How Netapp uses Hadoop to deliver better customer experiences” – Described some of Netapp’s machine data analytics use cases, and presented their architecture (in particular how a highly robust infrastructure layer allows HDFS-layer replication factor of 2 instead of the typical factor 3.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Hadoop, Oracle, Netapp E Series
    • Siah Hark Cheong and Mun Heng, from a financial services company, but speaking in their personal capacity:
      • “Driving Revenue Through Analytics” – Presented a perspective on how banks leverage analytics, with 3 specific use cases: pricing optimization, dormant account conversion, and event-driven targeting.
  • Malaysia was part of Big Data Week 2013 (the official partner city was Kuala Lumpur, but events were held in Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, Petaling Jaya, and Subang Jaya), and 9 separate events were part of the program, each of which was organised by different partner organisations and individuals. A wrapup/overview report is available, as is information on each individual event:
  • Big Data in Market Research and Beyond”, 1st February 2013, sponsored by Acunu and Experian, coinciding with the Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) conference, iTrain, Kuala Lumpur:
    • Colin Pal and Taufek Johar, Experian:
      • “Online Consumer Behaviour in a Mobile World” – described the Hitwise product, from the perspective of data sources and data analysis challenges, as well as their processing pipeline application stack.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Greenplum, Hadoop, Tableau.
    • Tirath Ramdas, Acunu:
      • “Real-time, high-velocity: the other side of Big Data” – described some high-velocity big data use cases, the challenge of streaming algorithms, and how Acunu Analytics achieves high real-time performance on traditional disk drives.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Acunu Analytics, Google Analytics.
    • Shazri Shahrir, Telekom Malaysia R&D, and Nurazam Malim, Twistcode:
      • “Big Data with GPUs, machine learning unto Big Data: more exciting mobile apps?” – explored the prospects of incorporating GPUs into big data processing pipelines.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: GPUs, Hadoop.
    • Rebekah Lee, Integricity Interactive:
      • The Golden Insight: Leveraging the Power of Data to Build Businesses and Transform Brands” – presented the perspective of a digital agency on data collection/analysis challenges, with a case study demonstrating their methodology.
    • All attendees participated in a team brainstorming exercise, where the task for each team was to look at the current situation and emerging trends in Big Data from the perspective of one of the 4 following groups:
      • Government: key findings were that governments are already in the business of collecting lots of data, though there is a big analytics gap to fill, especially in areas such as urban/traffic planning.
      • Big business: key findings were that big businesses are already well positioned to collect and analyse lots of data, though there are structural problems inherent to big businesses exploiting the resulting insight, such as slowness in reacting to changing conditions and new trends, as well as misalignment of interests – e.g. employees not wanting to innovate themselves out of a comfortable job.
      • Small business: key findings were that small businesses are under severe threat due to big data because it enables big businesses to effectively engage with niches that were traditionally too small for large companies to target and therefore left to small businesses to identify and serve, and this is aggravated by the fact that the big data solutions barrier to entry is prohibitively high for most small businesses (excluding well-funded startups).
      • Individuals, consumers, and families: key findings were that there are a number of application areas that seem particularly promising to fulfil the needs of this segment – healthcare, education, and personal finance – but the big data space presently sees individuals/consumers essentially as products rather than end-users because “that’s where the money is”, so this segment goes under-served.
  • Velvet Underground”, 30th January 2013, sponsored by Acunu and Experian, a networking event coinciding with the Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) conference, Zouk, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Big Data in Social Media Analytics”: December 2012, hosted by iTrain, Kuala Lumpur:
    • Sandra Hanchard, Swinburne Institute for Social Research:
      • “What questions can big data help us solve? Industry and research applications” – presented a historical review of how social media has evolved over the last few years, and a description of her content analysis research methodology as applied to Malaysian Twitter usage.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Datasift
  • Big Data in Telecommunications”: October 2012, organised and hosted by TM R&D, Cyberjaya:
    • Zach Tan, Google:
      • “Introduction to Google BigQuery” – described the capabilities of the Google BigQuery analytics service, as well as how to get going with it.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: BigQuery, Dremel.
    • Raymond Au, Oracle:
      • “Addressing Big Data in Telcos” – provided an overview of how Telcos should approach Big Data opportunities, with some motivating use cases.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Hadoop, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Big Data Appliance.
    • Shamsul Anuar Yahaya, Telekom Malaysia:
      • “Improving Customer Experience by Leveraging Big Data” – provided an overview of some of the most fertile and valuable areas of big data opportunities within telco environments, including customer analytics, internal processes, and predictive infrastructure monitoring.
  • “Joint meetup with SNIA Malaysia”: September 2012, Cyberjaya:
    • SNIA tech tutorial on flash storage.
    • Rachelle Foong, HP:
      • “Recommender Systems” – described how recommender systems work (and how they fail).
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Prudsys.
    • Tirath Ramdas, Acunu:
      • “Velocity” – described the various aspects and approaches to high-velocity data.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Hadoop, Storm, Acunu Analytics.
  • Bigger, Faster, Messier”: July 2012, sponsored by Acunu, hosted by iTrain, Kuala Lumpur:
    • Nicolas Yip, Innity:
      • “Cassandra (and MongoDB) in my day job” – compared his experiences with Cassandra and MongoDB in Innity’s environment.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop.
    • Calum Halcrow and Kaveh Mousavi Zamani, RMG Technology:
      • “Market data distribution and storage at RMG” – described the real-time data-movement issues with, and how they resolved them (as well as remaining challenges).
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Postgres, 0MQ.
  • Hello World”: May 2012, sponsored by Acunu, hosted by Telekom Malaysia R&D, Cyberjaya:
    • Julian Lee, Revolution Analytics:
      • “Big Data Analytics – Finding Needles in a Haystack” – introduced the Big Data concept, and described the role of the R statistical computing language.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Hadoop, R.
    • Daniel Walters, Experian Hitwise:
      • “Experian Hitwise and Big Data” – described the Experian Hitwise system architecture, and the journey they took as a company towards their current systems.
      • Specific technologies mentioned: Hadoop, Postgres, Greenplum.
    • Hakim Albasrawy, Tandemic:
      • Described their planned Big Data hackathon concept around “people watching.”

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